A Day at the Park

I’m not gonna lie, I am a planner. I like to scout all locations before-hand so when it comes time to shoot my mind is free to focus on creating and capturing expression. I had Verny Park all worked out, in the late afternoon sun. It was supposed to be a sunny day for this shoot and I was set, or so I thought. The sun likes to do funny things here in Yokosuka. It follows its forecasted plan until my shoots draw near. It likes to keep me on my toes, constantly changing by coming in and out of clouds at will. If constantly changing lighting conditions will not keep you on your toes during a photo session then a soon-to-be toddler surely will.

There are many things I love about my job but number one is working with wonderful people like Reine Lea, Michael, and Patrick. No matter what unknowns an outdoor shoot throws your way, you know you can’t disappoint when people like this show up. We had a great session and wonderful conversation all the way back to base after it was over.

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