Deep Woods Maternity Session

Michelle and Chris are good friends of mine that will be new parents soon!  They are amazingly talented when it comes to engineering, rock climbing, and cars.  They are also very caring and it shows in the four-legged company they keep at home.  I secretly think their new family member will blend their best qualities and help shape our future for the better.  I could not pass up this opportunity to make some great images for them.  It was time to dust off the camera gear and pull out the big lights for their maternity session.  We explored a range of looks from dramatic to clean to natural, all in the serene setting of our local mountains.

San Diego Wedding!

I am now officially a destination wedding photographer!  My favorite destination is always San Diego and this was the perfect location for a beautiful wedding.  Melinda and Sean threw a great party, I was delighted to be a part of it.  Click images to enlarge.

Reflections of a Ghost

I tend to prefer dark and mysterious forms of art.  My intent for the theme of this shoot was focused on death and sadness.  My co-creator Lu however is a lively individual so we changed course.  Through these ghosts we explored those dark concepts but we also used the ghosts as reflections of Lu’s inner self, expressing contemplation, joy, and more.

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