Jen, Adam, and Buddy at the Beach

I had a fun and somewhat unexpected photo shoot last weekend at the beach with Jen and Adam. The unexpected part was Buddy. He came along for the ride so we decided to include him in the fun. It turns out Buddy is as great a model as his owners.

It’s funny, sometimes going into a shoot you have a new idea you think will be totally awesome. I had this idea to do more serious, contemplative poses. All I made this couple do was laugh. I can go with that. It’s was great working with such genuinely happy people.

三沢 Misawa Visit

First blog post! I plan to use this blog as a showcase for my latest work, where you can come and see what I’m up to, photographically. I have some exciting photo sessions coming up but I’m going to kick this off with something a little different.

Just spent a week in Misawa and of course I brought the camera along. Misawa is home to a US Air Force base, way up north from Yokosuka. The temps up north were much cooler and the landscape much more open. Welcome to rural Japan. Let me take you on a journey through the Oriase Gorge, Cement Factory second hand goods, Ryusendo Caves, and the rugged coastline of northern Japan.

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