Red Dress in a Forest

I finally got to do my red dress in a forest shoot! I could not wish for a better subject than the lovely Veronika. While we were at it we went to the Imperial Palace and a very blue place as well. This is a great example of what my Editorial Style shoots have to offer. Everything is planned out, brought together, and post-processed the best I know how. We had a little fun too. I shot a roll of film for my film strip shot. There is nothing like looking at fresh slides on a light table, they are gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as Veronika.

Hayama Sunset

This shoot was all about the kids. We had a great time running around the beach, looking for seashells, and climbing on rocks. The kids even got in the water, it was awesome! We achieved so many different looks on this shoot it was unreal. I had trouble paring it down to just a handful to share.

Suzuka Formula One

What was I doing while everybody in Yokosuka was preparing for Typhoon Phanfone? Sitting in the rain watching Formula One! While I wish I was on assignment to cover this event, I was actually on a vacation that I thought was too cool not to share. The drivers had a hard time in the rain but it made for an exciting event!

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