USS McCampbell Change of Command

What is even more impressive than a giant ship out of water? The fine men who lead them. The McCampbell change of command ceremony was impressive in true Navy style. It was clear that Commander Calfee had built a strong connection with his crew. Commander Sundberg is surely excited and ready to take over the challenge of commanding this great ship, the USS McCampbell.

Stone & Robert

Cameron was in Japan only a short time for work but his passion for his new clothing line brought him my way. He is a super-motivated individual and he is in the beginning stages of marketing his Stone and Robert brand. When I asked him what 19XX meant, he laughed a bit and then explained: “I don’t really see myself as one of those 2000s kids.” I should buy into his company. My wife calls me “Old School”. I work on a large desktop computer, listen to Classic Rock, and my entire last blog post was shot on film. The theme for this shoot was lifestyle but in an edgy way. Cool, this opened up a lot of artistic license for me. Shot at night, in the freezing rain, we intentionally left tack sharp color-correct images for another day. You can follow Cameron on instagram at:

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